DareDorm presents Rose in video Pranks
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Rating: 2.6
All the way from the state of Texas, where everything is bigger, Rose and her friends sent us a crazy Daredorm update that was an instant classic. We watched on as these super hot girls ran a muck pulling pranks all over the dorm building. They taped people's doors shut, put condoms on door handles, flashed guys their tits and then threw water all over them. It was high time these naughty girls got put in their place. There were a couple guys that found a way to stick around after they'd got hosed down with water; and sure enough, they got to nail these bad girls. These dudes pounded those HOT little college pussies all over the dorm room in crazy positions. It was awesome, and the ultimate pay back was when they got to hose the girls down too, only this time with their cum.

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